About Us

The Nova Purpose

Nova has designed programs that add value to the customer culture. The purpose of our organization is simply, helping our customers get the lowest discount airfare available with the best possible customer experience. Our professional agents are trained to approach their clients with that purpose as a 101 percent commitment.

We believe that our goals, both professional and financial, will be achieved by consistently exceeding our clients expectations.

In order to realize this purpose, we have made these three commitments:

  • A commitment to a belief in the importance of our clients and the work we do for them.
  • A commitment to service. Focusing on the clients needs will allow us to see more options, more opportunities and different relationships than possible if we focused on our own needs.
  • A commitment to using our unique talents. Take what we love to do, do it well and get better at doing it.

Nova and Total Quality Management

One of the important benefits of our agency is our commitment to the sophisticated Total Quality Management (TQM) program. Through this program, we have formed a TQM partnership with our clients which translates into an unbroken chain of products, services, and quality for our customers. Using TQM in tandem with our clients, we are working continuously to improve performance in these areas of customer satisfaction:

  • Quality of service
  • Products and service solutions
  • Office automation
  • Continued education

For questions or comments regarding our business practices please contact: business@novatravel.com


Chairman CEO Arun Bajpai
President Sudha Bajpai
Director Indian Operations Sanjay Misra
Vice President Anand Bhadbhade (Indian Subcontinent Sales)

Swie (Sansan) Shumake (Asia Sales)