Hello Sudha Just wanted to inform you that Tinny reached home after a comfortable travel by Singapore airlines . Every aspect of his air travel and his transit stay over in Singapore was just smooth and perfect! In flight service was great , I believe as he described to me. I am happy that in spite of his last minute booking , you have taken such good care of his travel needs. We applaud Nova Travel & its staff for providing us all the comforts of travel, overseas ! Our appreciation to Sudha Bajpai and Neha for their extraordinary customer service with Tinny's ticket booking and helping him feel the comfort of travel overseas. Special thanks to Sudha who has been always inclined to help us even if it is odd hours of the day, when we need help from Nova Travel! While we are sure we would contine to plan our future trips and travel booking via Nova Travel, we would also recommend our social circles to do the same. Usha Srinivasan

With Best Wishes & Congrats to great Customer Service

Usha Srinivasan  


Sudha, We are back from our India vacation. Our Rajasthan trip was fantastic. Nova did a great job. All our hotels were great. Toyota van was clean and in very good condition. Driver used to get it thoroughly cleaned every day. Nova Travel’s Tour operator and our Jodhpur hotel staff really surprised us by sending flowers and a big cake to Sharvani on her birthday. We missed our connecting flight from Frankfurt to Delhi. Sharvani reached 8 hours before us. I called the tour operator from Frankfurt and they picked Sharvani from the airport and booked a room for her in Lemon Tree hotel close to the airport. We missed Jaipur Shatabdi as we reached Delhi around 9:30 a.m., but this did not impact our original itinerary as tour operator gave us a van from Delhi itself and drove us from Delhi to Jaipur. We praised our Rajasthan experience so much that one of my friends wants to follow our itinerary and is asking for Travel agency's contact details. If it's OK with you, I'll forward your email address to him. - Atul.



I wanted to send a note to thank you for your excellent service. You were prompt in responding, worked with me to discuss options and helped me pick the best option both cost and schedule wise to rebook my parents' return ticket and my round trip ticket. I really appreciate your help, and it is service like this that will keep me coming back to Nova Travel!




Hi Divyansh Thanks for all your help in planning my travel. You've been just awesome and very responsive, and I appreciate it very much.

Until next time,



Hi Divyansh, Thanks for all your help and promptness. It is appreciated! And look forward to getting in touch the next time I decide to travel.

Best Wishes, Chandana

Hi Divyansh, fyi - I was talking to a buddy of mine yesterday at the time you had called and I told him about your helpfulness. You may hear from him the next time he's looking for a ticket.


Mr. Arun,

We purchased our tickets to India from Neha Rachh yesterday. We just wanted to let you know that dealing with Neha has been a very positive experience. She was very prompt in responding to our requests. Employees like her need to be recognised for their quality of customer service. She definitely is an asset to your organization. Rajagopal & Remani



Thank you for trying to get me home on the 28th or 29th. I started writing a diary about this entire emotionally charged ordeal and there have been so many beautiful people along the way that have made things possible. You are one of them. When I get home, I would love to meet you and take you for coffee or lunch and thank you in person. Best wishes, Anita